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Friday, October 06, 2006

Photos Of the Departed

Posted by Picasa It's done. I've scoured my grandfather's complete collection of slides and photos and I've scanned in every one of them that included a family member. While some of the landscape shots were certainly interesting, and probably added to the story he was trying to tell at the time, they've lost their relevance over the decades, and what's remained is the value of the person that may have posed in one or two of the shots.

There are some real gems, like what I found at the bitter end, last night (great pictures of my great-grandparents, Fred and Anna).

If you want prints of any of those pictures, you can do a few things:
1) At the bottom of the gallery page, click the link "Download Picasa". It may require that you register as a Google user, but that's pretty painless.
2) Once you've downloaded and installed Picasa, you can click the "Download" web link while looking at the page for any particular photo, and it'll load it into Picasa for you.
3) Now, when you view the photo in Picasa, there's an icon at the bottom of the screen that's labeled "Order Prints".

If the resolution or quality of any of the photos you see isn't where you'd like it, I have the original high-resolution version on my hard drive, and would be willing to email them to you. Some of the really old pictures I've scanned are in really high resolution, so the file sizes can get pretty big. If your email account can't handle it, I can still burn it to a CD and send it to you via snail mail.

I've now begun scanning in my own personal photo collection. While certainly not as extensive, it contains a wider variety of relatives than just the Carlson clan.

If you've got a collection of family related photos you'd like to see in the gallery, please let me know, as I'd be willing to get those digitized as well. A couple of things to remember:
1) I had a hard time identifying even some moderately close relations, due to what they may have looked like at various times in their life. The best thing to do is label your snapshots and/or slides with the subject matter, so I know who it is I'm scanning into the system. If there's a relationship of which I'm not aware (like a 2nd wife, the 3rd cousin of a distant uncle, etc), then you'll need to inform me of that as well, so I can properly link them up on the site.
2) You can go ahead and mail me anything you want, but I'm only scanning in family members, right now. The job is big enough without scanning in yet another photo of the White House or some pretty flower.
3) I'm willing to send the photos back to you by USPS parcel post when I'm done with them. It's a slow method of shipping, but it's good and cheap and reliable, and it's not like you need the photos immediately, right?

If you're having trouble working the galleries or any of the software I've set up, please drop me an email.


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