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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Images I'm proud to have Saved

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One of things that bothered me while I was scanning in the slides from my grandfather's collection was the decay through which they'd gone over the years. Not only has the technology been availalbe to digitize these photos for quite a while now, but the last few decades of living in a garage (or wherever they lived during that time) couldn't have been very good to them.

In among the collection were snapshots and slides that had gone off the deep end of usefulness. Unfortunately, the majority of those were from my grandparents' youth. I count myself lucky to have saved those pictures that I saved, considering the amount I saved from the 1920s and 1930s. Of particular interest are the pics I scanned from 1906, when the Nelsons were homesteading with mud huts on their newly acquired land in the Dakota Territory.

Even with those in mind, I still love some of the posed pictures like the one to the right. My great-grandfather loved his camera, and he loved the outdoors. This synergy of hobbies managed to survive nearly 75 years, and you see the result here. The cameras at the time didn't provide that great of detail, so to us it appears a little blurry. The composition is still fantastic, however.


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