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Wherein I attempt to relate the trials and tribulations of tracking down information on people who are dead, but bear some resemblance to me...when they were alive.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Here's a tissue

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As I work through the photos, I hit a picture every now and then that I now will send my mother running for the tissue box.

That's me. That's dad. I can safely say that Dad and I had some of the best moments of our short relationship those first few years. We had yet to disappoint each other, so everything went pretty well. When I got older, he realized that I wasn't everything he had expected, and I eventually realized that he was a human being.

But here, right at this moment? I'm his golden boy, and he's a freaking superhero.

Dammit, who's got some tissues.


Anonymous Kelly Fitzgerald said...

Just remember, my sweet love, you are still a superhero in the eyes of your boys and will always be that to them. They are still and will always be the light of your heart and deservedly so.
You are more than a father.

12:14 AM  

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